I started ProGear in 2000 because I could not find anymore « good » gloves on the market. Instead of compromising for an average grip, I decided to design and produce my own gloves.
Since then, many skiers that I meet at tournaments have tried the gloves and business has developped at a steady pace. The phylosophy however remains the same: just to make gloves that will suit my own standards and hopefully will be appreciated by other skiers.
Back in 2000, the first 3 skiers that immediately adopted the ProGear gloves where my dear italian friends Fabio Ianni, Fabrizio Ciapponi and Stefano Palombo more known as « The Good, the Bad and the Ugly » !!!

enjoy the ride – Clint Stadlbaur


Since then skiers around the world keep wining with ProGear
2007  World Champion, US Masters Champion, European Champion
2006  US Masters Champion, European Champion, Malibu Open Champion
2005  second place at the worlds open women
2005  european champion open men and women
2005  world games champion open men
2004  european champion open men and women
2004  world juniors champion
2004  us masters juniors champion
2003  second place at the worlds open women
2002  european champion open men and women, under 21 and juniors
2001  a few national titles
2000  ProGear is on the water